The End

2012/06/30 - 2014/03/21

Thank you for the support for almost the last 2 years. We've really appreciated it, but the site has come to a natural end.

Many sites that started way after us are more popular, the interactivity between us and other fans never ever seemed to take off despite trying so hard to make it work.

Despite the fact that we were a representative for Crayon Pop in the UK, a good number of our followers were not from the UK, which goes against our main mission in the first place; to spear Crayon Pop to the UK and meet other fans from the UK.

With all of this and more considered, it now seems silly to continue when the other sites are so much bigger with much better content and interactivity. We could continue to beat a dead horse, or just leave it dead.

We at least seemed to help spread the name of Crayon Pop a little here since pretty much the begining, and we even did a giveaway which was fun~

Please continue to support Crayon Pop in the future~

Seeya, Guys!
- The Crayon Pop UK Team